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    Bre Berry & Company Receives International Diamond Society Ranking

    By Breana Berry | February 17, 2021

    I recently received International Diamond Society recognition from Coldwell Banker. Although I’m grateful for this acknowledgment of my performance as a Realtor, this honor involves those I’ve worked with during the past year: Ingrid Bredeson and Watermark Title, who ensured each home buyer had the information necessary to make an informed decision. The loan officers,... Read More

    Dumb Smart Kitchen Gadgets and Smart Smart Kitchen Gadgets

    By Michaela Feser | August 20, 2020

    There are some very useful smart technologies for your connected kitchen. Here are a few from CES that should be on your list.   Written by: ATHENA SNOW The following post is a guest contribution from Matthew Rathbun, executive vice president of Coldwell Banker Elite. I am a geek. I admit it. I’m fascinated by... Read More

    What Are You Waiting For? Close The Female Leadership Gap Today

    By Michaela Feser | August 4, 2020

    How I believed in myself to make a massive change, and how you can, too Written by: CARLA HAYES The Harvard Business Review reported that men will apply for a job if they meet 60% of the qualifications, but women will only apply if they meet 100% of them. That poses a question for anyone who wants... Read More

    Transform Your Home For Stay-At-Home

    By Michaela Feser | July 24, 2020

    Tips to Create a Functional Space for Your Stay-At-Home Needs Written by: GUSTAVO GONZALEZ Guest post written by Laura McHolm, Co-Founder NorthStar Moving Company   What day is it? Where is my laptop? Where can I find a quiet place?  Should we have dinner on the couch…again? Didn’t we have a dining room table? These are... Read More

    Tips for Moving During COVID-19

    By Michaela Feser | July 20, 2020

    Planning on moving soon? Here are some of our top safety tips for moving during COVID-19 to protect your family and belongings.   The following is a guest post written by Laura McHolm, Co-Founder NorthStar Moving Company  Over the past few months, we have all been learning how to adapt to the changes brought on... Read More

    Portraits of What Moves Her

    By Michaela Feser | July 15, 2020

    Last year, Coldwell Banker® created What Moves Her℠ for women in the real estate industry to help develop their leadership abilities and fully realize their professional development goals. What Moves Her now offers a virtual series through the end of the year that will feature conversations between real estate leaders and topic experts. The […]... Read More

    5 Secrets to Cutting Costs on Your Next DIY Home Design Overhaul

    By Michaela Feser | July 7, 2020

    With many of us confined to staying at home during the current global pandemic, now could be the ideal time to embark on a DIY home design overhaul. Of course, transforming a tired living space into one that’s timelessly stylish and effortlessly practical comes with a number of cumulative costs, but there are plenty of... Read More

    Balancing Working at Home with Kids

    By Michaela Feser | June 22, 2020

    During the Covid19 Pandemic, social distancing has created a new dynamic for people working across all industries in the US. Many workers find themselves working from home with children of various ages who are home from daycare or practicing distance learning. Family, work and school are now melting together, and parents must adapt and adjust... Read More

    4 Investments Worth Making in Your First Home

    By Michaela Feser | June 13, 2020

    You’ve just bought your first home – congratulations! Now it’s time to make your home feel like, well, home by undertaking some long-term investments that will not only look beautiful, but will also last you for years to come. written by: SAM SHALOM The following is a guest post by Suhayl Laher In today’s post,... Read More

    The Rural Revolution: Bringing Rustic Design Kicking & Screaming Into the 2020s

    By Michaela Feser | June 3, 2020

    Rustic design can easily be fused with modern interior design principles to bring this characterful design theme well and truly into the 2020s – and we’re here to show you how. SAM SHALOM The following is a guest post by Suhayl Laher The rustic look has long been a celebrated staple of interior design, having... Read More